Accountants expect bonuses to fall after mixed financial results

Elizabeth Fournier
ACCOUNTANTS in the UK are expecting their bonus pots to fall this year according to research released yesterday, after profits per partner at the big four firms fell by up to five per cent.

Both bonuses and overall remuneration are expected to fall by around two percent, mirroring the decline of the past two financial years, said accountancy and finance recruiter Marks Sattin.

Most accountants are expecting to receive bonuses at around 15 per cent of their total remuneration for 2012-13 – an average of £9,087 per person. Added to the average salary of £59,900, total remuneration is projected to be £68,987 – a two per cent fall from last year’s figure of £70,300.

“Previous years’ dip in bonus levels and the mixed fortunes of the big four have clearly influenced the perception of upcoming bonuses among accounting professionals,” said Dave Way, managing director at Marks Sattin.