Acas offer may help BA ground union dispute

CONCILIATION services group Acas has sent a proposal to British Airways (BA) and Unite that could see an end to the long running and crippling dispute.

It is understood that the proposal from Acas centres on travel perks for BA cabin crew, which were removed by the airline during the March strike and remain as the focal point for the disagreement.

Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said: “The proposals we have put forward must understandably remain confidential to enable the parties to reflect on them without the glare of publicity.”

Harwood confirmed that he was expecting to meet with the two parties early this week but said the timing and location would be kept secret in a bid to avoid a similar incident to last month when the meeting was stormed by a leftist political group.

A spokesperson for BA said the airline could confirm that it had been in contact with Acas but would not comment beyond that.

An agreement between the two will be met with much relief by BA as the airline is faced with the possibility of another walkout in July.

The last 15-day strike is thought to have cost BA over £150m.