800 accounting dragons set sail in Deloitte reservoir race

A YACHT might seem the most typical water vessel for 800 City boaties. But racers from Deloitte – 800 of them in fact – opted for a less traditional vehicle in a recent staff race.

Split into 31 teams they raced dragon boats on a reservoir in East London, raising money for Help for Heroes and Cancer Research UK.

A worthy effort indeed. However, The Capitalist hears one man went the extra mile – or seven – by promising his generous sponsors that he would row an extra 100 metres in the gym for each additional £1 pledged.

Having raised £120, our keen amateur boatie faced a lunchtime erg of 12 kilometres – just shy of the equivalent of two Oxbridge Boat Races. Heave-ho!

The man responsible for launching Virgin Atlantic’s Flying in the Face of Ordinary campaign is now flying the corporate nest. Head of marketing Simon Lloyd is leaving Virgin after less than a year in the job, and will be replaced by global sales director Maria Sebastian. Only two months ago he said that one of his priorities was to jazz up Virgin Atlantic's digital presence. However, with only 32 followers and two tweets on his Twitter feed, it appears that his digital prowess was far from extraordinary.

Pigs on tour are all the talk of the ETF Securities office. The firm’s curly-tailed mascot (pictured) has become involved in an internal competition to photograph the animal in the most creative location. Since the toys were distributed, the little piggy has become somewhat of a jetsetter. He has been papped mountain trekking in Sri Lanka, sunbathing in Antigua, swimming in Iceland’s geysers, to the Taj Mahal in India and even skinny-dipped at a pool party in Las Vegas. That’s a fair few air miles.