5 minutes with David Ponté, owner of Cabana restaurant

Q. What’s Cabana all about?
A.The whole point of Cabana is that it’s generous. That’s the sprit of barbecue. It’s about Brazilians getting together, eating together, making Caipirinha, which gets better as sits in your glass. It’s a very social thing. It’s got the essence of being very Brazilian.

Q. What do you love about the Brazilian way of eating?
A.All-you-can-eat meat is doable in Brazil because meat is very affordable. You can eat top rump all day long, and the waiter will carve fillet all day long. Meat can be expensive in London.

Q. What are you excited about?
A.Pastels that, in Brazil, are traditionally made by Japanese Paolistas with a particular Japanese pastry that bubbles when cooked. And the pork and papaya sausages. Everything at Cabana is inspired by Sao Paolo – from the music to the jeans-covered banquettes. You’ll forget that you’re in the windswept east end of London.