3D printing and basic grammar on new syllabus

SCHOOLCHILDREN will have to study both Churchill and computer coding as part of a revised national curriculum unveiled yesterday by education secretary Michael Gove.

The new syllabus, which will be introduced in September 2014, mixes a requirement to have a thorough knowledge of British history and English grammar with the requirement to learn high-tech skills.

As a result, every secondary school in England will have to educate its students in the use of 3D printers, while computer programming will be taught from the age of five onwards.

Primary schoolchildren will be required to learn fractions from a much younger age, study ancient Greece and recite poetry by heart.

Meanwhile, the secondary school science syllabus will be reformed to require more in-depth study of science and students will have to study at least two Shakespeare plays. Free schools and academies – which educate a quarter of British schoolchildren – will be able to ignore the rules.