2012’s seven best Women in the City

THE Museum of London Docklands was the venue for this year’s Woman of Achievement Awards, where ladies from around the City gathered in Canary Wharf to find out who had been chosen as one of the seven winners. In no particular order they included Heather Dixon at American Express for accountancy, Accenture’s Emma McGuigan for technology, Denise Jagger from Eversheds for legal services, Shachi Shah at Barclays for financial services and taking home the facilities management prize was Rebecca Stevenson at RBS. Founder Gwen Rhys told The Capitalist afterwards: “It was an emotional evening: at moments there was barely a dry eye in the place!”

Left to right: Heather Dixon, head of financial reporting, American Express; Emma McGuigan, senior executive, Accenture; Jacqueline McNamee, executive director, Chartis Europe; Gwen Rhys, founder of Women in the City; Denise Jagger, partner, Eversheds; Shachi Shah, head of funds and advisory, Barclays; Rebecca Stevenson, lead contract manager, Royal Bank of Scotland and Professor Jane Dacre, director, UCL Medical School