Gimme 5


Target: £1,000,000 for 8 per cent equity
A London chain of seven fast-service Mexican restaurants serving award-winning food. Offers the “Burrito Bond”, a mini-bond paying investors 8 per cent.
Raised: £430,500 via CrowdCube
57 days left

Target: £1,000,000 for 5 per cent equity
A new business class airline venture aiming to be the only to offer non-stop transatlantic services from London City Airport.
Raised: £408,830 via CrowdCube
28 days left

Owned It
Target: £70,000 for 3.55 per cent equity
Offers online retailers an automated platform from which to run affordable social marketing campaigns and enhance visibility on social media.
Raised: £44,040 via Seedrs
40 days left

Women Outside the Box
Target: £24,001 for 5 per cent equity
An online community for women to exchange business ideas, find suppliers, access information and promote their products.
Raised: £22,420 via Seedrs
37 days left

Target: £100,000 for 20 per cent equity
A music recommendation service that allows Spotify users to sign-in via Facebook. Once a week, a selection of new music is sent to their Spotify inbox.
Raised: £13,530 via Seedrs
13 days left