Ships ahoy for Mark Carney at Mansion House Banquet for Bankers

Gabriella Griffith
Mark Carney’s adventurous side came out at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet for Bankers last night in Mansion House. The governor of the Bank of England executed a perfect dive into the white waters of nautical analogies, bravely choosing a canoe as his vessel of choice (so very Canadian).

“Rather than appeal to the stately Duchess of York on which my predecessor sailed [Mervyn’s yacht, in case you’re unsure], I will look to the trusty canoe – a craft that can navigate the most rapid and treacherous waters… provided its paddlers work in sync.”

It didn’t end there. “Of course, navigating the upcoming bend in the river isn’t the end of the journey.” Indeed. “Fortunately, we are not up the proverbial creek without a paddle.” Phew, well steered Mr Carney. We’d like to suggest tennis as the next analogy, what with Wimbledon coming up…

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