“We’re bringing fans and brands together”

Squale, Sinn, Mühle Glashütte, Autodromo... You won’t have heard of many brands on Page & Cooper’s website – if any at all – and that’s exactly how managing director Jonathan Bordell likes it.

Founded a few years back by the former property man and watch enthusiast after a spot of “dabbling” grew way beyond just friends and family, the webtailer now aims to bring obscure but cognoscenti brands to collectors “looking for something different” in Bordell’s words.

“It’s becoming a different conversation these days – less about price or marketing; more of an individual, stylistic choice. We’re simply bringing watch fans and watch brands together.”

Everything at Page & Cooper comes from small ateliers that Jonathan personally visits, all with fascinating stories behind them and all on a refreshingly affordable scale. Just take venerable Italo-Swiss diver’s brand Squale for one, currently “running out of the door” at P&C; starting from little over £500 this is a bargain brand despite serious sub-aqua heritage.