Carillion joint venture selected for Midlands highway contract

Suzie Neuwirth
LONDON-LISTED construction services firm Carillion yesterday said its joint venture with Lafarge Tarmac has been named as one of five contractors to work on the £260m roadworks contract in the Midlands.

The agreement is worth around £100m to the joint venture over the three-year period and could be extended for an extra year.

Carillion and Lafarge Tarmac will deliver a wide range of projects under the deal with 20 local authorities, including the reconfiguration of highway layouts, the construction of road and bridgeworks and resurfacing roads.

“Our appointment to this framework continues our strong work winning performance in 2014 and supports our view that the outlook in our selected sectors of the UK construction market continues to improve,” said Carillion chief executive Richard Howson in a statement.

The local authorities have been procuring road upgrades together since 2007 under the Midlands Highway Alliance.