Letters to the Editor - 10/06 - Pension reforms, Sharing economy, Best of Twitter

Pension reforms

[Re: I’m proud of my pension reforms: They will make saving worthwhile again, yesterday]

Steve Webb’s reforms may give him much to be proud of, but he has failed to give enough detail about how some will be enacted. He says “the pooling of risk”, presumably these new collective schemes, will be compatible with giving “people greater control over their pension pots”, presumably the end to compulsory annuities. But how can that be? The point of collective schemes, as played out in the Netherlands, is to tie old and young alike, sharing generational risk. You can’t have that if old people cash out at 55.

Peter Smith


Sharing economy

[Re: London to give Airbnb rentals the green light, yesterday]

Eric Pickles’s decision to relax regulation governing peer-to-peer home rentals in the capital should be welcomed. By acknowledging the need to reform these outdated laws, the government has shown that it recognises the contribution that the sharing economy can make to the UK in the years ahead. With more people willing to share homes, cars and other assets with others, this announcement will offer encouragement to entrepreneurs and startups using the peer-to-peer model that the UK is the right environment in which to thrive.

Richard Laughton, chief executive, easyCar Club



Looks like we now have a cross-party consensus to junk Juncker.

Finally, schools might be held accountable by Ofsted for providing a curriculum that prepare pupils for life.

Sorry Nick Clegg. There is nothing liberal about your vision of less personal freedom and higher taxes.

Nick Clegg’s solution for the Lib Dems: borrow and tax more. Lurch to the left.