World Cup spread betting

THE REASON Brazil 2014 is going to be the biggest betting event of all time – a Regulus Insights World Cup betting report sponsored by Sporting Index forecasts £800m will be staked in Britain – is because of the sheer volume of choice for the modern-day punter.

There are going to be spread betting markets available on practically every element of the tournament, from the numbers on the back of the goalscorers’ shirts to the total number of completed passes in a game, and even how many times goalkeepers punch the ball. Although the Outright Index – a market where you can buy teams you expect to do well and sell those you think will struggle – will be very popular, there are plenty of other long-term markets that will be grabbing the attention of spread bettors.

Sporting Index is quoting total tournament goals at 157-159.5, so they are expecting practically the same as the 158 that were scored in South Africa four years ago. The two previous tournaments were well below that, though, with 147 in 2006 and only 143 in 2002, so sellers might be feeling confident.

Yellow and red cards are also massive markets during a World Cup. Sporting Index has pitched yellows at 270-280 and reds at 17.5-19. Punters are advised to watch the first few games closely to see if the referees are being particularly strict or lenient, as that can have a huge effect on the final total.

And if all this isn’t enough don’t forget that Sporting Index are offering new customers up to £500 in free bets.