Letters to the Editor - 06/06 - Penning in the poor, Home working, Best of Twitter

Penning in the poor

[Re: Why Britain’s housing crisis risks turning into catastrophe, Wednesday]

An excellent, angry piece by Paul Cheshire. Alongside the problem he identifies of Britain building houses where they’re needed least, our new homes are also among the smallest in Europe. All these land use restrictions have the effect of penning poor people into ever smaller houses in the less salubrious suburbs, or pushing them out to distant commuter towns. A prosperous, vocal elite, meanwhile, sits happily surrounded by greenbelt – much of which, as farmland, is less environmentally useful than back gardens.

Andrew Thwaites


Home working

[Re: Home working is on the rise across the UK, yesterday]

It’s clear that home working is now a reality for millions. But we need to help them. My report “Commuter Payback” looks at rebates of up to £300 for Travelcard holders if they work from home, cycle or walk one day a week. As a result, London’s mayor recently announced a flexible ticketing package for 2015. I urge everyone to have their views heard on part-time ticketing. You can take part in the consultation by searching “flexible commuting” online and clicking the top result.

Roger Evans, Conservative London Assembly Member



Question remains whether ECB action will boost growth & inflation, not just weaken € and boost markets.

Mario Draghi delivers? Good luck on printing your way to prosperity. QE has done wonders for the US.

Obama says no to Scottish independence and yes to UK staying in the EU. Won’t be heeded in either case.

70 years ago our veterans were preparing for D Day: We must never forget their sacrifice.