Heathrow Airport launches its latest terminal without a big hitch

Marion Dakers
HEATHROW Airport yesterday started taking passengers through its new Terminal Two, avoiding the big delays and baggage chaos that plagued its Terminal Five launch in 2008.

The airport said 5,687 passengers came through the new terminal building yesterday, with 32 of the 34 United Airlines flights operating on time.

“Performance has exceeded our expectations. The new Terminal Two has delivered a great new welcome to Britain,” said Heathrow’s chief executive designate John Holland-Kaye.

Heathrow is gradually moving airlines to the new £2.5bn terminal over the next six months. Twenty-five carriers will eventually offer 332 flights a day.

The airport has already passed 100,000 items through its luggage system to keep glitches at bay. Heathrow said it has learned the lessons of Terminal Five, which was forced to cancel 34 flights on its launch day following baggage problems.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will officially open T2, to be known as the Queen’s Terminal, on 23 June.

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