Letters to the Editor - 05/06 - Total recall, Best of Twitter

Total recall

[Re: It is high time voters were given the right to recall their MPs, yesterday]

I’ve always felt that the right to recall is a hammer to crack a walnut, and distracts from better reforms that should be implemented. There are really only a handful of MPs who might have been subject to the right of recall in recent years, and they would have been chucked out at the next election anyway. So why the need for this measure? The downsides, in terms of malicious attempted recalls by an MP’s political opponents, are huge. Why not spend the political capital on accelerating the introduction of primaries for all MPs to be selected? That is the best way to make an MP responsive to the demands of their constituents, and would help stop the clear abuse of central party favourites being parachuted into safe seats.

Name withheld

[Re: UK mega pensions aren’t a bad idea – if government can resist destroying them, yesterday] The notion of allowing the state to safeguard my pension nest egg for 30 years rather reminds me of Aesop’s fable of the frog that carried the scorpion over the lake, expecting not to get stung. Of course the scorpion will sting you. It is in their nature to do so, and more fool you to think otherwise.

Dan Tubb



ONS: In London, house prices were 24.8 per cent above their pre-downturn peak in March 2014.

Since financial crisis, Asia has added 1.25 Germanys to the collective size of its economy (DBS Bank).

Newark: Worst outcome for Farage will be Ukip falling just short. His decision not to stand will be questioned.

Credit Suisse slashes US second quarter GDP forecast to 3.0 per cent, down from 4.0 per cent.