Pensions, zero-hours crackdown and recall all in Queen’s speech

Kate McCann
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THE QUEEN will deliver her speech to MPs and Lords in Westminster later today, detailing the government’s policy commitments for the last year of this parliament.

The contents of the speech, agreed upon with the Prime Minister, have already been widely briefed, with pensions reform leading the agenda.

A crackdown on zero-hours contracts will be introduced in a small business bill, backed by Vince Cable, while a promise to bring forward measures to get rid of MPs who do not do their jobs properly – the recall bill – will also be included.

Recall is controversial, with continued disagreement between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives over how it should work in practice. Details are likely to be sketchy.

Other measures to be announced include help for pub landlords; a commitment to reform the electricity market and new powers for police to pursue those who carry out FGM in the UK, even if they are not permanent residents. A 5p plastic bag charge will also be in the speech.