The Queen’s Speech: What to expect



Two pensions bills
The government has already previewed some of the pensions changes to be expected on Wednesday, but two bills are in the speech. One will cover collective schemes and the other will add flesh to the reforms announced in the Budget, including an advice guarantee for people about to retire.

Infrastructure bill
The infrastructure bill is expected to include a number of measures, one of which will make it easier for housebuilders to avoid zero-carbon targets, by paying a levy instead. The bill is also likely to make it legal for shale gas exploration companies to drill under private land without the permission of the owner, a controversial addition.

Anti-terrorism measures
Changes to the Terrorism Act will include a provision to make it illegal to plan attacks in the UK from abroad. Currently, only terrorism that takes place and is planned in the UK is illegal.

A bill for heroes (sort of)
Rumours that the government has been scratching around for things to be announced on Wednesday might well be true, if this addition is anything to go by. The Queen is expected to unveil a heroism bill to protect people from negligence claims when they were trying to do the right thing.

Small business bill
David Cameron has made no secret of his desire to cut red tape and this bill is expected to continue with the same theme, making it easier for small companies to grow.

Pubco code of conduct
A code of conduct for pub companies is expected, as well as an independent ombudsman for the sector like Ofwat or Ofgem.

Other things to watch for
The Queen is also expected to announce plans to prevent highly-paid NHS executives and civil servants from taking redundancy and then returning to work for the same organisation within a year, as well as a recall bill to allow MPs to be sacked if they do not do their jobs properly. A ban on wild animals in circuses is said to have been dropped at the last minute.