Merkel and allies could overrule Cameron on EU commission boss

Tim Wallace
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DAVID Cameron could face a humiliating defeat in Europe if Germany and its allies vote for Jean-Claude Juncker as EU commission President.

The Prime Minister opposes arch-insider Juncker and wants a candidate who is more likely to help him reform the EU ahead of his planned referendum in 2017.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel backs Juncker, and yesterday warned that the UK would be likely to lose a vote on the Presidency among EU member states.

“In all the talks that I hold, I am working to ensure Jean-Claude Juncker gets the necessary majority in the council, in order to become the next president of the European commission,” Merkel said. “I am also working to ensure that this decision, even if it is controversial – and you know, the required majority, it is a qualified majority – is made in the European spirit.”

A qualified majority vote means Cameron needs to find 38 per cent of the council votes if he wants to block Juncker’s appointment.