Glorious (maybe) leader Vince Cable immortalised on canvas

Gabriella Griffith
FURTHER speculation about whether Vince Cable is being prepped to take the Lib Dem helm from Nick Clegg was stoked today when former Lib Dem special adviser Giles Wilkes tweeted this curious, nay, frightening pop-arty painting.

When asked on Twitter whether Cable was up for the job, Wilkes tweeted: “All I can say is these giant Mao-esque pictures were made for a reason” – with the above picture attached. Could it be true? Are the halls of the Lib Dem HQ being secretly adorned with “great leader Cable” propaganda? He was in China last week after all – maybe he picked up some tips.

But no – it turns out the painting was simply a leaving present for Wilkes upon his recent departure from the party. A gift that we have no doubt he cherishes.

Let’s hope Clegg gets one too should he get his P45 any time soon.