Letters to the Editor - 03/06 - Britain’s new MEPs, Google and Europe, Best of Twitter

Britain’s new MEPs

[Re: Britain’s new MEPs must do their job – whatever they think about the EU, yesterday]

Mark Boleat asserts that “constituents voted [MEPs] in to engage in Europe”. How does he know what voters were thinking? It’s not true in my case, for example, because I have zero faith in any of the processess in Brussels. I voted for an MEP who will use the cash to campaign for Brexit. EU reform is a pipe dream.

Dan Tubb

I would hardly call Sharon Bowles, given her defence of EU finance regulations, a model MEP.

Name withheld


Google and Europe

[Re: Why Europe’s right to be forgotten online will be an expensive mistake, yesterday]

Not only will “the right to be forgotten” create an extra layer of bureaucracy, putting future Google competitors off entering Europe, it looks like overt protectionism. European content producers will be required to do nothing to protect privacy. We’re leaving it to US search giants.

Mitch Brynn

Imposing huge compliance costs that only big established companies can afford is one of the many ways the state “helps” the consumer.

Name withheld



EU-Canada trade deal falters, negotiated since 2009. How quickly would UK-Canada strike a deal?

April’s borrowing data shows recovery in economy and housing market is far from credit-driven.

Ukrainians work out gas compromise with Russia as attacks expand in east Ukraine. Power imbalance clear.

Ukip look less fiscally competent than Labour. That takes some doing.