Farage promises top rate tax cut as he lays out Ukip’s election plan

Kate McCann
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UKIP LEADER Nigel Farage yesterday promised to slash the top rate of tax to 40p, putting tax cuts and a vow to tackle the cost of living at the heart of his party’s plans ahead of the general election next May.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Farage said he would cut the top rate of tax to 40p from 45p and bring back grammar schools to help gifted poorer children. He added that he would like to see those on the minimum wage lifted out of income tax altogether and will “throw the kitchen sink” at a number of constituencies to win seats in Westminster.

“We’ve got to incentivise people to get off benefits and to get back to work,” Farage said, adding: “What we want to do is genuinely address the cost of living.”

The tone of Farage’s message belies his plan to aim for core Labour voters, concerned about inequality. The Conservatives will also be worried as Ukip’s policies on immigration and grammar schools will appeal to Tory voters.

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