Mobile banking up while fewer carrying cash

THE USE of mobile banking has increased in the last year while use of cash is down significantly, according to results of an ING bank survey.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos between 20 February and 14 March 2014, covering 13 European markets and with a total sample size of more than 12,000.

It found that nearly 5,000 respondents used mobile banking, and that they tended to be younger, higher earning, and more likely to use social media to keep up to date with financial matters.

Users of mobile banking were reportedly more likely to save regularly each month, but were also found to be more likely to buy items on impulse, with 40 per cent of mobile banking users admitting to regular impulse buys, compared to 28 per cent of others.
An estimated 31 per cent of the UK population – and 35 per cent of Londoners – now use mobile banking, making it the fifth most highly developed market for mobile banking of European countries surveyed.

The survey found fewer were using cash, with 46 per cent of UK respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing that they used much less cash compared with a year ago.