Letters to the Editor - 30/05 - Man and machine, Clegg the liberal, Best of Twitter

Man and machine

[Re: How Google’s driverless cars could save your life – and make you money, yesterday]

Sam Bowman is right to say that the growth of driverless cars will raise logistical and legal issues, one of the biggest being the conflict with human-controlled vehicles. Driving algorithms are no doubt far safer when surrounded by other driverless cars – the machines understand each others’ behaviour, which is determined by the programmes they use. But when combined with unpredictable humans, the calculations are far more complicated. Would this require separate roads for the two? Much is still to be figured out.

Laura Donaldson


Clegg the liberal

[Re: Nanny state Lib Dems caused their own crisis – by rejecting liberalism, yesterday]

It seems that Mark Littlewood may be conflating “liberal” with “liberalism”. Progressive liberals of Nick Clegg’s ilk aren’t always interested in classical liberalism. I’ve never come across a statement that suggests otherwise. They are what they have always historically been – the liberal left trying to exist without the baggage of the Labour left. The Tories can do classical liberalism better, when they want to, and the left of both major parties can do progressive liberal better (or worse, depending on your point of view).

Name withheld



Given the state of the French economy, there’s only one country left in the Eurozone core: Germany.

The slowdown in first quarter inventories bodes well for a sizeable snapback in US GDP this quarter.

Forecast 80m light industry jobs to leave China. Africa could benefit from labour market changes in China.

94 per cent of those supported by Help to Buy live outside of London.