World Cup tips? Check out who Goldman backs

Gabriella Griffith
WHEN it comes to getting your World Cup odds this summer, you’re more likely to head to Ladbrokes or your mate Tommy down the local boozer than banking giant Goldman Sachs, but there’s a chance you’d be better off going with Goldman.

The bank’s World Cup and Economics Guide is out: it backs Brazil to win, England to crash out in the group stages and judging by its previous sporting forecasts, Goldman’s got game. Impressively, it came within one gold of predicting Team GB’s total medal haul in the 2012 Olympics.

But wipe away those tears, England losing out on a return to the glory of 1966 wouldn’t be good for us anyway, apparently. “As the exhibit (pictured) shows – sort of – the UK economy tends to do better when England’s football team is doing worse,” says Goldman’s senior economist, Kevin Daly. “If England does do well in the World Cup, we may have to adjust our economic forecasts downwards.” Well, that’s some consolation we suppose.

According to Goldman we’ll also be able to predict inflation, judging by the average number of goals scored per match. Low goals, low inflation.

Wow, a seamless fusion of economics and football. Red Knight Jim O’Neill’s legacy lives on at the bank.

“While it is hard to match Jim’s football craziness, the group globally is still full of fans of the beautiful game,” explain Dominic Wilson and Jan Hatzius. “And it is now possible to acknowledge open support for Man Utd’s rivals such as Liverpool and Chelsea.” Congrats, lads.