Top City PR Brian Basham returns

Gabriella Griffith
VETERAN City-spinner Brian Basham is back on the scene. The Broad Street Associates legend has launched a crowdfunding firm called ArchOver, aiming to help out cash-strapped SMEs.

Some of the advertising planned for the firm involves slogans such as “RIP Banks” – but Basham isn’t worried about upsetting his old City pals.

“It’s slightly tongue-in-cheek,” he told The Capitalist. “But I saw a piece about banking going the same way as music and publishing and I see it could be right, in a way.”

Basham’s involvement with an alternative funding platform has done little to dampen his welcome into City circles again.

“It’s lovely, old pals keep popping up – people are working for longer these days and thank God. If Warren Buffett can do it, so can I.”

Hear, hear.