Any Other Business - 27/05

Gabriella Griffith

GOLDEN boy of the bestselling book charts, Thomas Piketty (below), fell from grace somewhat last week, after the FT gave his economic tome Capital in the Twenty First Century a good fisking and found his calculations wanting. Piketty isn’t the first published professor to come unstuck with his sums though. Last year, professors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff had to make a formal correction to their 2010 paper Growth in a Time of Debt, following a similar snafu in their numbers. Well, The Capitalist hears Rogoff is flying to France on Wednesday to give a talk at the Paris School of Economics. One might suggest the pair get together for a verre de vin or two. Perhaps Rogoff can offer poor old Piketty some words of consolation.

THE APTLY-NAMED City A.M.-sponsored rugby sevens team, City Dogs, has just enjoyed a victorious weekend in Bournemouth. The team, assembled especially for the seaside town’s 7s Festival, won the Alcatel Cup, despite stiff competition and having only just met each other. The players are mostly from universities including Loughborough, Newcastle and Cambridge and have vowed to keep playing together, entering further competitions.

Come on the City Dogs!