All not in good spirits for Ukip distillery party

Gabriella Griffith
IF ANY of our esteemed politicians could organise a p***-up in a brewery, you’d think it would be Nigel Farage. But yesterday Ukip’s planned victory bash at City of London Distillery was moved last minute to Westminster InterContinental, supposedly due to the need for more capacity.

But there’s more to the story, first reported by The Spectator, than meets the beer goggles.

Jonathan Clark, co-founder of the Ludgate Circus-based distillery, said there had never been a booking at his venue. “I didn’t know anything about the Ukip booking until last night,” he told The Capitalist. “Ex-employees have set up a rival venue and used the name of my brewery to take the Ukip booking. They cancelled on Ukip and now the organisers are ringing me up.”

Ukip wasn’t available for comment but Clark was determined Ukip’s last-minute switch wouldn’t affect the original City of London Distillery.

“It’s nothing to do with us but I’ll make sure if anyone does turn up, I’ll give them a gin and tonic and send them in the right direction.”

We hear a few Ukip-ers did indeed end up taking advantage of Clark’s hospitality...