Citibank’s Sean Mooney shows he’s got the brains and brawn

Gabriella Griffith
THE SOPHISTICATED and the brutal met in the City last night at Oracle’s Chess Boxing Gala in The Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, with Citibank’s Sean Mooney storming to victory in the final match.

It may seem like an odd coupling but the combination of chess and boxing has made for a popular sport, taking off with gusto in the City. Naturally, Citibank had a huge presence with three tables, but Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Espirito Santo, BGC Partners and Ignis Asset Management were all there as well, enjoying the sport.

The competitive spirit spilled outside the ring, as The Capitalist caught two senior Citibank employees enjoying a break-out chess match in the lobby between dinner courses. “He’s my boss,” whispered one of the players. We couldn’t decide if it was a good idea for him to win or lose.

The fundraising night came to a climax when the City’s own Sean Mooney came to the ring, bringing the whole room to its feet in support. Following a dicey first round of boxing, (which his colleagues found difficult to watch), he came back fighting, pun intended, to win the match.