Letters to the Editor - 23/05 - Debating Europe, Best of Twitter

Debating Europe

[Re: European Parliament election: Could a victory for Ukip help it secure a domestic foothold?, yesterday]

It was interesting to hear Charles Lewington OBE’s views that Nigel Farage’s party is one of “eccentrics”. It might be also interesting to note that one such “eccentric” worked as a non-executive director for Charles’s business for over five years. That person being a London MEP Ukip candidate. Me. I am flattered that my eccentric advice might have helped (in some small way) in the success of the excellent business that is Hanover Communications.

Andrew McNeilis

[Re: Why the City should vote Ukip in the EU elections, Wednesday]

Good article. We need more of this incisive dismantling of the pro-Europe discourse being touted by George Osborne et al. The desire for self-determination is not the same as xenophobia.

Chris Quin

EU elections are very different from general ones: UK turnout in the 2009 elections was just 35 per cent. Let’s not forget that Ukip has yet to even win a by-election. Once it starts to win seats, then we’ll see a political earthquake.

Name withheld



UK GDP figures: Consumers tap into savings, and continue to be the lynchpin of recovery.

Worryingly, UK income tax (and capital gains) revenue down 6.8 per cent in April on a year ago.

Deficit reduction moving at a glacial pace. Government seems to have lost the desire for it.

Thailand coup as military takes control. Move won’t resolve political crisis and may spark protests.