Sporting Index: Spread betting on football

FOOTBALL spread betting is simple and the rewards for winning are greater than with fixed-odds bookmakers, but losses can also exceed original stakes.

One of the simplest markets is the supremacy bet ─ a prediction on one team’s supremacy over another expressed in goals. Real Madrid/Atletico Madrid is pitched at 0.45-0.65 so those buying at 0.65 would need Real to win by at least one goal for a profit. Sellers at 0.45 would need Atletico to win or draw to make a profit.

Sporting Index have total goals trading at 2.4-2.6. If you’re expecting three or more, you’d buy at 2.6, while if you expect a tight affair you would sell at 2.4 with profits and losses calculated on how right or wrong you are.

There are hundreds of markets covering every facet of the game from bookings, to individual player’s goal minutes, to the number of corners and even the time of the first goal.

One interesting market that caught my eye was buying Gareth Bale’s performance at 50. Points are awarded as follows: Goal Scored: 25; Assist: 10; Shot on Target: 5; Forcing a Corner: 3; Free Kick Won: 3; Pass to own player in opposition half: 2 points and deducted like so: Free Kick conceded -3 points; Yellow Card: -10 points; Red Card: -25 points.

Bale has 21 goals and 16 assists in 35 games for Real, and will be a constant threat.

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