Any Other Business - 22/05

Gabriella Griffith

VETERAN fund manager Patrick Evershed is off to Birmingham Town Hall today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Eversheds, one of the world’s largest corporate law firms, by his grandfather Edward. Patrick Evershed, who has been suffering from poor health, will travel up with his family for a black-tie dinner with 100 guests. “Unfortunately, I am dyslexic,” said Evershed. “My father said I was therefore unfit to be a lawyer and sent me into the City where I have had a successful 40 year career.” You can say that again.

THE LATEST banker to catch the entrepreneurial bug (and we hear it’s hard to cure) is Deutsche Bank’s James Crabb. Managing director of equity operations at Deutsche, Crabb is leaving his job on 1 July to work full-time on The Source, a new concierge app co-founded by him and developer Akshay Rangnekar. “I’ve spent 20 years working in the City and I’ve seen staff work with little work-life balance – I wanted to create something to make it easier,” he told The Capitalist. The Source app comes with a membership of £200 per year and can help time-poor City workers to do all manner of tasks from booking their holidays to digging out a rare book and finding a good butcher. Sounds great to us, let’s just hope he’s still got time to book his own jollies.