Five of the best: Rubiks’ Retro contemporaries that have been updated for touchscreens


The colourful stacking game has been revamped for smartphones and tablets for its 30th birthday with multiple gaming modes. It can now be played lightning fast on a touchscreen device, and scores can be compared on Facebook.

iOS/Android; 69p


The yellow sphere will have been chasing ghosts for 35 years in 2015. Now he roams 11 different mazes (the original version had just the one). Retina display support means he even responds to your eye movements.

iOS/Android; £2.49


Remember all those hours spent chasing a vaguely apple-shaped dot around the dim, green-tinged screen of a Nokia 5110? You can’t get those hours back so you may as well relive them with this nostalgic app.

iOS/Android; free


This retro classic is also celebrating its 40th birthday this year. It’s credited with being one of the original arcade games, but only now can you play in a variety of locations like in the middle ages or on the moon.

iOS/Android; free


Frogger is one of the best-selling games of all time and all you do is help a tiny amphibian cross a busy road. It’s celebrating its 30th birthday with an updated, multi-level app and Facebook connectivity.

iOS/Android; free

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