Letters to the Editor - 22/05 - The UK and Europe, Best of Twitter

The UK and Europe

[Re: Voters in the UK and Europe are in the mood for change, yesterday]

I don’t understand Stephan Shakespeare’s conclusion that Euro voters are “united by a desire to stay in Europe”. That is not what his graphs say. On reform, UK, Germany, France and Sweden pass 70 per cent recognising need for significant change, with only a small minority disagreeing. Only France hits that number voting to stay-in through a referendum. The other three are essentially 50:50, so undecided on remaining in the EU. That is not even a passing fancy, let alone a desire.

Chris McLaughlin, Wimbledon

[Re: EU elections: Who you should vote for if you’re in the City, yesterday]

Interesting that all the other party representatives used their column to specifically attack Ukip. Seems to strengthen the growing feeling that the two choices are establishment and Nigel Farage.

Name withheld

If Labour in the City’s Tom Brown is so worried about the destabilising effects of a referendum, why don’t we just reject democracy entirely? Elections cause instability. What nonsense.

Name withheld


Strong retail sales figures, but rising real pay needed for sustainable growth has so far been missing.

Germany has second highest electricity price in the EU. Also has a sizeable Green movement. Go figure.

If Labour had ditched Miliband in 2012/13, it could have recovered. Now it has no chance of a majority.

Clear winner from the US, Russia fight over Ukraine: China.