Coroner rules death of JP Morgan exec Gabriel Magee was suicide

Kate McCann
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A CORONER has ruled that the death of JP Morgan IT executive Gabriel Magee was suicide.

US-born Magee jumped from the 32nd floor of the company’s Canary Wharf offices and was discovered at 8am on 28 January on a protruding roof on the ninth floor of the building.

Coroner Mary Hassel said she was satisfied that Magee had intended to jump, following two previous attempts to access the roof of the building in the weeks before his death. He used bolt cutters to remove a padlock preventing employees from accessing the roof and an empty bottle of tequila was found on the 32nd floor.

A message left on his computer the night before read: “jump”. Similar messages were also found.

Friends said Magee was having trouble coping with his role at the bank, but the coroner said no blame could be levelled at JP Morgan. In a statement the company said: “Our heartfelt condolences go out to Gabriel's family and friends. We are focused on supporting our colleagues and those close to him on this very difficult day.”