Cameron and Miliband neck and neck as polls call wins for both

Kate McCann
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ONE YEAR ahead of the next general election in 2015 Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck in the opinion polls, according to research out yesterday.

Two new surveys called different parties as likely to win if the election were held tomorrow, piling pressure on both to step up their campaigns in order to win over voters.

Populus, which asked 2,026 adults online which party they would vote for if the general election was held tomorrow, found that 35 per cent would vote for the Conservatives, with 34 per cent opting for Labour, eight per cent for the Liberal Democrats and 14 per cent for Ukip.

In Lord Ashcroft’s poll, where 1,006 people were asked over the phone how they would vote, 29 per cent would put a cross in the box for the Conservatives, 35 per cent for Labour and nine per cent for the Lib Dems. Ukip would get a 14 per cent share of the vote.

On his blog, Lord Ashcroft wrote that since his poll last week calling an election win for the Conservatives, 10 other polls have been published: “Of those 10, two showed a Tory lead, one was a tie, and seven put Labour ahead,” he said, adding: “This currently looks like a very small advantage to Labour, and one which has undoubtedly narrowed since the half-way point in the parliament.”