Call to arms for Man City fans as FFP row persists

Frank Dalleres
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DISGRUNTLED Manchester City fans are being urged to join a legal battle to suspend the club’s wide-ranging financial fair play (FFP) sanctions and ultimately have the rules themselves overthrown.

City were hit with a wage bill freeze, restrictions on their Champions League squad and a €60m (£49m) fine on Friday after being found in breach of FFP by governing body Uefa.

But a Belgian lawyer who helped win the landmark Bosman ruling hopes to have FFP rules declared illegal under European Union law, and says fans of affected clubs can join the crusade.

“Millions of people could challenge FFP tomorrow,” said Jean-Louis Dupont, whose client is agent Daniel Striani. “The fans can do this through their associations. They are the consumers of the football product and the ultimate aim of competition law is to protect the consumers.”

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