Letters to the Editor - 19/05 - Cost of Brexit, Best of Twitter

Cost of Brexit

[Re: Beware the corporate grandees who claim Brexit would cost Britain dear, Friday]
I don’t think it’s possible to accurately assess the cost/benefit of staying in, leaving, or renegotiating our membership of the EU. But what is clear is that any exit would be expensive in the short term, as we go through the administrative processes it would involve. The great advantage to small businesses like mine is the intra-community VAT rules. An exit would undoubtedly make it less attractive to do business with the EU for that reason. In any case, the current debate would appear mainly to be driven by bigotry over immigration.

Name withheld

Why does everyone forget the other side of the balance sheet? There must be 4-5m mainland European jobs dependent on trade with the UK. It’s in no one’s interest to cause problems should the UK decide to leave the EU. And remember that the rest of the world trades with EU states without being a member of the politcal club.

Name withheld

I disagree with Roger Bootle. Even if we get new jobs from Brexit, those who work in industries where jobs will be lost (probably finance) have every right to warn of the consequences.

N Martin



Very exciting for India. Let’s hope honeymoon period not short lived.

India has a peaceful, orderly, gracious transfer of power. How many countries in the region can claim as much?

Sir James Dyson: immigration rules counter-productive to country’s economic ambitions.

Bookies odds at next election. Overall majority Con 7/2, Lab 15/8. No overall majority 11/8.