Gimme 5


Target: £50,000 for 10 per cent equity
The “Spotify or Netflix” for magazines, Readbug provides unlimited newsstand content for a monthly subscription fee.
Raised: £23,510 via Seedrs
50 days left

Target: £800,000 for 23.8 per cent equity
The premium hyper-local dating service, which matches urban professionals to others who live or work neaby via web and mobile.
Raised: X via InvestingZone
67 days left

Target: £600,013 for 14.88 per cent equity
NearDesk lets users touch-in, touch-out and rent desk and meeting space by the hour at different locations around the UK.
Raised: £433,566 via Seedrs
50 days left

Target: £150,000 for 6 per cent equity
Crowd sourced task concierge and marketplace where users post requests to get tasks done, and qualified people save them time and money.
Raised: £44,240 via CrowdCube
40 days left

Target: £74,999 for 7.32 per cent equity
The new form of social travel that connects like-minded people, enabling them to share journeys. It has a community of over 23,000.
Raised: £33,875 via Seedrs
22 days left