Any Other Business - 15/05

Gabriella Griffith

DO YOU remember a few years ago when the Queensland Tourist Board was offering “the best job in the world” to one lucky applicant? The job role was island caretaker, and all you had to do was sit on an island, write the odd blog and remember to fill your esky with tinnies. Well, it’s happening again. This time it’s football flavoured. Titan Bet is pedalling what it describes as the best job in the world – the lucky candidate will be flown out to Brazil to be a social media correspondent. To bag the job, they need to make a short video explaining why they deserve it. The winner will get accommodation, tickets to World Cup games (including the final and semi-final), a £4,000 salary and all they have to do is send a few tweets… and make sure they don’t run out of cold beer.

YESTERDAY we confirmed the chancellor still has one foot well and truly stuck in 1995. During the Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee meeting he described the potential break-up of Scotland and the UK as “not like a divorce where you are dividing up the CD collection”. CDs? And who gets the panini-maker? And the Friends box-set? Osborne continued the marital metaphors saying a currency union would be like getting divorced and still sharing a bank account. Fair enough. We also don’t want any post-break-up drunken texts, alright Scotland?!

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