Football banter is back at the Bank of England

Gabriella Griffith
FINALLY, Mark Carney has realised what we want from our esteemed Bank governors – sporting banter, natch.

The Bank of England head took us all back to the days of Mervyn’s sporting analogies, in yesterday’s quarterly inflation report. “Securing the recovery is like making it through the qualifying rounds of the World Cup,” he told the delighted crowd of hacks. “That is an achievement, not the ultimate goal. The real tournament is just beginning and its prize is strong, sustained and balanced growth.”

Given just how bad the odds are on England reaching the “ultimate goal” of winning the World Cup (25-1, acc-ording to William Hill), we should all be hoping this analogy isn’t bang on.

The analogies didn’t stop there, though. When MPC member Charlie Bean referenced his departure from the committee, Carney helpfully added: “He’s leaving the pitch.” Thank goodness he translated Bean’s move into our mother tongue, footie.

We get it now.