Animals: the new lingua franca between MPs and corporates?

Gabriella Griffith

LABOUR MP Adrian Bailey likes metaphors. He likes them so much, he risked causing mass confusion yesterday by asking Pfizer chief Ian Read which animal his firm was, during the select committee’s first meeting with the pharma giant.

Bailey demanded to know if Pfizer was a “praying mantis” or a “shark that needs feeding”? Hmm, a crystal clear set of options. To add to the mix, Pfizer was then referred to as a leopard (will it change its spots?) Yeah, come on Read! Mammal, insect or fish? Play the game! Adding to the fairytale mood was Read’s gold coin. It appears the chief exec carries a two-sided coin, which reads Own It on one side and Straight Talk on the other. No doubt Read is currently gunning for Own It every time he flips.


Read’s coin
You’re straight talking and never shirk your responsibilities. But you are known to have two sides and a golden cheeky glint in your eye.

You’re always hungry and need a lot of feeding to satisfy. Some would describe you as vicious.

You like to pray on unexpected victims, particularly the ones closest to you. You enjoy a postcoital snack.

You’re cute but dangerous. Despite people always asking you to change you have difficulty acting differently.

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