Who willa buy Villa? Could it be one of these wealthy celeb fans?

Gabriella Griffith
MERVYN King once said supporting Aston Villa was more stressful than being the governor of the Bank of

England. With that in mind we doubt he’ll be stepping up to the plate to buy the club now it’s being sold by billionaire Randy Lerner. But Villa is not in short supply of wealthy, well-known fans to consider a purchase.

Prince William is also a big Aston Villa fan. Would he consider opening up the royal coffers to take on the Villans, perhaps when he becomes King?

If not the Prince, then maybe the Prime Minister? David Cameron is also an ardent Villa fan – to be fair though, he wouldn’t have much time to plough into the team’s development, for now at least. Don’t worry though, there’s still some monied fans left – including Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, golfer Justin Rose and former world boxing champ Joe Calzaghe. That said, it’s no bargain – Lerner paid £62.6m for the club in 2006. I doubt any of these guys would find that down the back of the couch...