Brussels committee unveils its five-year plan to save the EU

Guy Bentley
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THE EUROPEAN Economic and Social Committee (EESC) yesterday unveiled an ambitious five-year plan to rescue the European Union.

EESC president Henri Malosse said “70 years of peace do not come by chance” and expressed hope that the European Action Plan would become the lynchpin by which European priorities are set.

The document focuses on three areas that the EESC considers to be the EU’s weak points, and proposes the solution to such weaknesses is a substantial deepening of European integration. The three pillars of the EESC’s response to the growing tide of euroscepticism across the continent are economic, social and democratic.

The EESC said that it was vital to respond and Europe’s lacklustre economic performance not with nationalism but with “European action”.

It also said goals for the EU in the coming years should not be just be increasing growth but fairness, and proposed that a European Convention on Participatory Democracy and Active Citizenship be held in 2015.