Keen Steen ruins yesterday’s tie guesses but Draghi’s not playing

Gabriella Griffith
MARIO Draghi’s numero uno press man Michael Steen caused a storm on Twitter yesterday by posting a photograph of his boss ahead of a European Central Bank policy decision meeting, because it revealed the colour of his tie ahead of time.

Each month people try to guess what colour the ECB president’s tie will be (often using it to predict what he will say). But yesterday the game was over before it had begun. “I didn’t anticipate the Twitter fuss when posting the photo. It’s just one of the challenges of greater transparency, I suppose,” Steen told The Capitalist. Indeed.

But is Draghi actually aware of the game? Yes, yes he is: “Mr Draghi has been made aware of #draghitieguesses. But it’s not something I imagine is very near the top of his mind ahead of a Governing Council meeting.” Fair enough.

Whether or not this means there is significance in the tie-colour is up for debate. It could well be subconscious.