Any Other Business - 08/05

Gabriella Griffith

NOT TO be outdone by hedge fund boss Guy Hands (who has just announced he’s donating £2m towards the construction of Mansfield College, Oxford’s new Love Lane Building) Sir Michael Hintze, chief exec of hedge fund CQS, has announced he’s donating £5m to the Natural History Museum. Hintze (who received his sir-dom for services to the arts) is a regular donor, and the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation has also donated to Oxford previously – to the Centre for Astrophysical Surveys, to be exact. The Natural History Museum is to rename its main room Hintze Hall in honour of the CQS boss. Shall we expect tit for tat from Hands and Hintze? We’re sure the Science Museum would love a couple of mil.

JON Moulton proved he’s still got some sway over Jaeger boss Colin Henry yesterday at the label’s autumn/winter preview event on Fitzroy Square. Henry, who’s been in his position since last summer, nearly jumped out of his boots when Moulton walked into the hall. He appeared to become nervous, and we dare say whispery, in the presence of the Better Capital founder – who drafted in Henry from Esprit to turn the brand around. Henry is presumably keen to show Moulton his five-year turnaround plan is still “on trend”.