Any Other Business - 06/05

Gabriella Griffith

ASIDE from the odd pot shot from Boris Johnson, the relationship between the capital and our French cousins has been quite good of late and those hoping to keep it that way might be keen to avert French eyes from the latest blog post from Miles Davis (no, not that one), partner at Wine Investment Managers. Davis has got a beef with the French wine chateaux, such as Chateau Mouton and Chateau Lafite Rothschild and, to keep up the bovine phraseology, he certainly doesn’t mince his words. “The 2013 en primeur campaign has come and gone and other than a load of stuck record coverage and angry blogging (myself included), no one gave a sh*t. I mean damn, sorry.” Why such a mediocre season? “There is only one reason to explain this, the release prices are too high because the chateaux are too greedy.” Sacre bleu! Did the chateaux respond? Er, non, not to us anyway. Keep on quaffing that Lafite. Crisis averted, for now.

RBS may have enjoyed some good news on Friday with an increase of first quarter profits, but it seems the bank has a lot of work to do when it comes to employee satisfaction. Glassdoor, an anonymous employee review site, shows that only 54 per cent of employees would recommend RBS to a friend – a below average score – and a lowly 15 per cent of employees have a positive outlook for the company. Ouch.

Career opportunities and senior leadership both score below average. Compensation and culture are both lingering in the average score area with only work-life balance scoring higher than the average. Luckily, relatively new chief executive Ross McEwan has been accepted by his staff and has a 75 per cent approval rating. The Capitalist might suggest McEwan pop over to HR for a long chat...