Big energy firms accused of failing to pass on green saving

Suzie Neuwirth
THE POLITICAL battle over energy policy fired up afresh over the weekend, as Labour accused the government of failing to ensure that the big six suppliers passed savings from green levies down to customers.

The government rolled back some green charges from energy bills in December, which it claimed would save consumers £50. But the opposition party said that only customers on standard tariffs at E.On, EDF, Npower and Scottish Power benefitted from the full savings, while fixed-tariff customers received just a £12 rebate. SSE and Centrica passed the full savings on to customers on both tariffs.

The four companies defended themselves by saying that their fixed-tariff customers were protected from the rising cost of green levies, so bills remained the same when the levies were rolled back.

A government spokesperson said it would make customers question their suppliers.