There’s no such thing as a Shore thing in wine

Gabriella Griffith
THERE were a few in the City starting to wonder whether or not Shore Capital’s wine tasting do was going to happen at all this year. The annual knees-up usually takes place in February but as March and indeed April sped by there was still no sign. Had the stockbroker fallen on hard times? Had Graham Shore given up his love of wine?

No, it turns out four IPOs in one quarter can really scupper your social plans. “We were far too busy but we’ve finally gotten around to it,” Shore’s Dru Danford told the crowds at The Royal Institution last night.

A packed room full of Shore Cap’s clients and associates sipped and mingled before joining teams for a ferociously competitive (and fun) wine quiz.

Given chairman Graham Shore’s long history with wine (he studied it for two years and has his own vineyards) he might have thought he was a shoo-in for the winning team. But it turned out even he was no match for ex-MP-turned-wine master Conal Gregory’s questions. “We screwed up!” he announced of his own team. So there really is no Shore thing in the wine world...