Celebrating a 40th? Stage a large scale princess rescue of course

ANYONE walking through Camden, on any given day, should expect to see weird and wonderful things but people strolling along its canal yesterday morning would have got an eye-full – of toys. Giant ones. Staging a princess rescue. Natch.

The Playmobil crew was in town celebrating the toy’s 40th anniversary and, like anyone would, rented a castle for the occasion (Camden’s Pirate Castle).

We’re sure you’ve managed to do the maths but Playmobil was founded in 1974 by Horst Brandstatter, the owner of German company Brandstatter Group.

The toy was a result of the 1973 oil crisis, which increased the price of plastic and forced them to make something small. Designer Hans Beck designed the classic toy we know today.

In celebration of the birthday milestone, you can expect to see these life-size figures popping up in various parts of the UK this year.