Any Other Business - 30/04

Gabriella Griffith

ANYONE who had any doubt as to whether nominative determinism was still alive and well at Barclays, in the wake of the departed Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci, can rest assured – it’s alive and kicking. Arise Mr Gold, the shining new chief executive of US Barclays. Joe Gold takes over from Skip McGee, who skips (yes, I went there) off to his hitherto unnamed “next challenge.” We look forward to the time when Jonny Deep-Coffers and Sarah Moneybags also get roles at the bank.

IT WOULD appear MP John Redwood has struck up a keen interest in office consumables. The Conservative posed a written question to the Attorney General this week regarding the Law Officers’ Department’s stationery cupboard. We couldn’t resist asking him why. “It was a general thing about housekeeping, when you’re running an office you can let these supplies get out of control – it was little shot, saying ‘manage it’,” he told The Capitalist. Wow, he really cares. “I didn’t get an answer, they said it was too expensive to tell me, which worries me – it’s not a figure they have at the top of their heads.” Tisk, tisk.